Pictured: A bird's eye view of Oban waterfront and Harbour.
Pictured: A bird's eye view of Oban waterfront and Harbour.


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Location: 56° 25’ N 005° 29’ W
Berth details:N/A
Anchorage: yes
Anchorage Position: 56° 25.8’ N 005° 30.0’ W (Outer),
56° 24.95’ N 005° 28.75’ W (Inner)
Distance to Landing Stage: 1.0 NM (Outer) 0.3 NM (Inner)
Tidal range/movement: 3.8m
Pilotage: No compulsory pilotage
Town centre: Adjacent to landing stage
Shuttle to town: Not required
Nearest airport: Oban, 8km



Vicki McKenzie, Harbour Master/Port Manager Oban North Pier Oban Argyll PA34 5NH

T: +44 (0) 1631 562892 F: +44 (0) 1631 563550
W: www.argyll-bute.gov.uk

Oban lies on the West coast of Scotland, approximately 120 miles north of Glasgow and at the heart of Argyll. The ‘gateway to the isles’, with its
ferries to the western islands, and the seafood capital of Scotland, Oban offers visitors the opportunity to see the glorious gardens of Argyll such
as the spectacular woodland garden at Crarae or the coastal garden at Arduaine. There is the conservation village of Inveraray, with its fairy
tale castle, or distilleries where visitors can sample the delights of malt whisky.

Coaches can be marshalled to take passengers from a point directly adjacent to the port.

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