Pictured: Aerial view of Port of Dundee
Pictured: Aerial view of Port of Dundee


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Location: 56° 28’ N 002° 57’ W
No. of Berths: 2
Berth details:King George Wharf, Max L.O.A. 240m. Max Draft: 8.00m
Eastern Wharf, Max L.O.A. 185m. Max Draft: 7.50m
Width of Ship: 40.0m
Air Draft: No restrictions
Tidal range/movement: Springs = 5.0m, Neaps = 2.2m
Pilotage: Compulsory
Town centre: 3.0km
Shuttle to town: Available on request
Nearest airport: Edinburgh, 72km



Robert Mason, Head of Cruise
Forth Ports Limited, Carron House, Dock Road, Grangemouth, Stirlingshire, FK3 8TY

T: +44 (0)1324 668400 F: +44 (0)1324 668484
W: www.forthportscruise.com

The Port of Dundee is located on the north side of the beautiful River Tay estuary on the East Coast of Scotland. The port is a natural harbour dating back 800 years.  From this naturally sheltered location there are spectacular views to take your breath away of Dundee, the hills of Fife and the Tay Road and Tay Rail bridges.

The Port of Dundee’s modern surroundings make it a cruise destination for the 21st Century offering a unique combination of excellent facilities, transport links and lack of traffic congestion.  The Port of Dundee is the quick and easy way for cruise ship passengers to visit Scotland.





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