Pictured: Aerial view of Port of Inverness
Pictured: Aerial view of Port of Inverness


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Location: 57° 29’ N 004° 14’ W
No. of Berths: 2
Berth details:Berth 1, Max L.O.A. 100m. Max Draft: 5.3m Berth 2, Max L.O.A. 100m. Max Draft: 5.3m
Width of Ship: 17.2m max
Air Draft: 29.0m max
Anchorage: Yes
Anchorage Position: 57˚ 53'N 005˚ 09'W
Distance to Landing Stage: 1.5 & 5.5 NM
Tidal range/movement: 2.0m – 5.0m
Pilotage: Yes
Town centre: Adjacent
Shuttle to town: Not necessary
Nearest airport: Inverness, 14km



Sinclair Browne, Chief Executive
Inverness Harbour Trust, Longman Drive, Inverness, Scotland, IV1 1SU

T: +44 (0)1463 715715 F: +44 (0)1463 715705
W: www.portofinverness.co.uk

Inverness is one of the most sheltered harbours in the UK. Serving the Capital of the Highlands, the port’s historic links with the city can be traced as far back as the 12th century.

With Loch Ness literally on the port’s doorstep and Speyside Whisky Trail, the home of the Whisky Industry within easy reach these alone would make a compelling case in the port’s favour but add to those Cawdor Castle, Culloden Battlefield and Fort George Military Museum means the port is essential for any itinerary. 

The city centre offers a vibrant, diverse experience for visitors with top quality award winning restaurants and retail facilities, including the covered Victorian Market, on offer.

Port Control

The Harbour Master should be contacted by all visiting vessels to confirm any tidal restrictions on proposed berthing dates.

The Port can accommodate ships either alongside or at anchor where the adjoining Inverness Marina can offer a secure point of entry for a tendered visit. On arrival there is the chance that passengers will be accompanied ashore by bottlenose dolphins from the resident school in the Moray Firth.


A compulsory pilotage service is operated for vessels in excess of 50m in length.

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