Pictured: "Sea Princess" at inner anchorage in Lerwick Harbour. Town Centre in background.


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Location: 60° 09’ N 001° 08’ W
No. of Berths: 3
Berth details:Holmsgarth Development (East), Max L.O.A. 275m. Depth: 7.1m – 9.1m
Holmsgarth No.5, Max L.O.A. 205m. Depth: 9.2m
Victoria Pier (East), Max L.O.A. 145m. Depth: 6.8m – 9.2m
Victoria Pier (West), Max L.O.A. 90m. Depth: 6.0m – 8.4m
Anchorage: yes
Anchorage Position: 60° 09.34’ N 001° 07.66’ W (Inner),
60° 08.28’ N 001° 08.28’ W (Outer)
Distance to Landing Stage: 0.4 NM (Inner), 1.3 NM (Outer)
Tidal range/movement: 1.7m
Pilotage: Compulsory
Town centre: Adjacent and 1km
Shuttle to town: yes - available on request from Holmsgarth
Nearest airport: Sumburgh, 40km



Melanie Henderson, Cruise & Marketing Manager
Lerwick Port Authority, Albert Building, Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland, ZE1 0LL

T: +44 (0)7990 043938 F: +44 (0)1595 693452
W: www.lerwick-harbour.co.uk

Lerwick, Britain’s most northerly cruise destination, with its own intrinsic beauty and deep water sheltered harbour is located midway between Faroe, Norway and mainland Scotland.  

Lerwick has been welcoming cruise ships since the late 19th century. The St Sunniva was among the first to call on a cruise from the Norwegian fjords. Arthur Anderson, co-founder of P & O and credited with inventing cruising, was born in Lerwick where his house is now a museum.

Cruise ships up to 230m can berth alongside and larger ships are accommodated at anchor with passengers only minutes away via tender to a modern landing stage and dedicated welcome pavilion at the heart of Lerwick's town centre.

A warm and friendly Meet and Greet service provides local flavour with a personal onboard and onshore welcome for passengers and crew members complemented by traditional Shetland music played quayside.  

Shetland offers visitors a unique blend of both Scandinavian and Scottish culture, world-class natural scenery, extraordinary archeological sites and encounters with vast seabird colonies, diverse marine life and distinctive native breeds. 

The islands are renowned for their Viking heritage and are also home to the world famous Shetland Pony.   

Key attractions include Mousa, an island boasting the best-preserved Iron Age broch in Scotland and Jarlshof, one of the most remarkable archaeological sites ever excavated in the British Isles.  Shetland Museum, a five-star visitor attraction, provides a fascinating insight into Shetland’s diverse heritage.   

Shopping in Lerwick is close by and passengers can easily access a variety of local shops hosting a collection of high quality exclusive gifts including Shetland knitwear, ceramics, jewellery, confectionery and crafts.

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