Pictured: Aerial view of Port of Montrose
Pictured: Aerial view of Port of Montrose


Location: 56° 42’ N 002° 28’ W
No. of Berths: 1
Berth details:Berth 1, Max L.O.A. 164m. Depth: 8.5m
Width of Ship: 26m
Anchorage: Yes
Anchorage Position: 57° 42’ N 002° 25.5’ W
Distance to Landing Stage: 1.5NM
Tidal range/movement: Springs = 4.5m, Neaps = 2.0m
Pilotage: Compulsory
Town centre: 1.0km
Shuttle to town: Yes
Nearest airport: Aberdeen, 72km and Edinburgh, 142km



Nik Scott-Gray
Chief Executive, Montrose Port Authority, South Quay, Ferryden, Montrose, Angus, DD10 9SL

T: +44 (0)1674 672302 F: +44(0)1674 675530
W: www.montroseport.co.uk

Montrose Port has put Angus on the map as a must-see tourist destination for the North-East of Scotland, an area well-renowned for sweeping sandy beaches, stunning mountains and glens, ancient castles and some of the country’s finest golf courses.

As a region that really encapsulates the heart of Scotland, Angus includes a rich local history as the location for the Battle of Dunnichen between the Picts and Northumbrians in 645. This was the battle that effectively led to the subsequent creation of the Kingdom of Alba, which was later to become known as bonnie Scotland.

The surrounding areas boast fantastic attractions that capture the enthralling history, including Glamis Castle and Arbroath Abbey. Tour the coast and visit quaint fishing villages, seek out the Arbroath smokie – delicious smoked haddock prepared in time-honoured tradition, great for the foodies! If you are near the picturesque harbour, the Signal Tower museum will help to showcase the connection with the sea and its influence on the town’s history.

For those who enjoy a little more down-time, the Angus Glens will take the breath away as will the sandy beaches that are perfect for peace and solitude. The House of Turin and House of Dun offer a step back in history with some extravagant and masterful architecture, as well as offering scenic walks in the beautiful woodland grounds they stand on.

With Scotland being market leaders in innovative and premium spirits, the new Arbikie Visitor Centre offers the chance to see a complete field to bottle learning experience for those spirit aficionados, with an immersive guest experience of both gin and whisky on offer.

The region is also famous for its championship golf course at Carnoustie – but there are many other fantastic courses too. With all this and so much more, Montrose offers the ideal cruise destination.

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