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July 18th 2019

Passengers’ reviews place in top five in Britain & Western Europe.

Lerwick has been recognised as a top destination in Cruise Critic’s annual survey based on consumer ratings sent to the world’s leading cruise review website.

Covering 18 regions around the globe, the Cruisers’ Choice Destination Awards ranked Lerwick in the top five in the British Isles and Western Europe category.

Lerwick Port Authority Cruise Manager, Melanie Henderson, said: “To be placed third in the category is another great accolade, bringing more international recognition that Lerwick and Shetland are providing what passengers and cruise operators are looking for.

“On top of Lonely Planet’s recent praise for the islands, it’s another tremendous boost for everyone involved in attracting and servicing the highly-competitive cruise sector.”

Shetland was named in travel authority Lonely Planet’s top ten must-see European destinations for 2019, the only UK location included.

Lauren Doughton, Project Manager at Promote Shetland said: "We’re thrilled that Shetland has been recognised as one of the best places in Britain and Western Europe for cruise passengers to visit. The fact that the awards are voted for by the passengers themselves, based on their positive experiences in Shetland, is testament to the warm welcome and first-class facilities they find when they arrive here."

Cruise Critic reviews relating to Lerwick and Shetland include:

"After a half day tour of the lighthouse, Viking ruins and watching seals, we then had a walk through the town of Lerwick which shows both the beautiful old town and a new modern area.”

“Definitely the highlight of the cruise, we loved Lerwick and Shetland. Beautiful island with lovely friendly local people.”

“We had a great time in Lerwick.”

The top five places in the British Isles and Western Europe category included Kirkwall, at number one; Cork; Amsterdam and Bruges. Ms Henderson said: “It’s an honour to share the award with these destinations, especially neighouring Kirkwall which means a fantastic double for the Northern Isles of Orkney and Shetland.”