Pictured: Aerial view of Scrabster Harbour -
Pictured: Aerial view of Scrabster Harbour - "Azamara Journey" alongside Queen Elizabeth Pier.


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Location: 58° 37’ N 003° 33’ W
No. of Berths: 3
Berth details:Queen Elizabeth Pier, Max L.O.A. 180m. Depth: 8.0m
St Ola ro-ro berth, Max L.O.A. 115m. Depth: 5.5m
St Ola Lay By berth, Max L.O.A. 100m. Depth: 5.5m
Anchorage: yes
Anchorage Position: 58° 36.55’ N 003° 31.90’ W
Distance to Landing Stage: 0.3 NM
Tidal range/movement: 1.5m – 4.0m
Pilotage: Not compulsory but advisable for first visit
Town centre: 3km
Shuttle to town: yes
Nearest airport: Wick, 33km



Sandy Mackie, Trust Manager
Scrabster Harbour Trust, Harbour Office, Scrabster, Caithness, Scotland, KW14 7UJ

T: +44 (0)1847 892779 F: +44 (0)1847 896680
W: www.scrabster.co.uk

Scrabster, the most Northerly port on the Scottish mainland was, for several decades, the port of choice for the British Queen and her family when they disembarked from the Royal Yacht Britannia every August to visit the Queen Mother at her Highland holiday home, Castle of Mey, 11 miles from Scrabster. Today, cruise line passengers can follow in their footsteps, as the Castle is open to visitors.

Situated within walking distance of Thurso, the second largest town in the Highlands, the Queen Elizabeth Pier has opened up the remote and beautiful landscape of the Far North to larger cruise vessels. The pier is 180 metres long, with a depth at Chart Datum of 8 metres. Deep-water anchorage is available within 0.2 nautical miles of the harbour. Scrabster is fully ISPS Code compliant, with security personnel provided by the port authority.

The Northern Highlands of Scotland is Europe’s last great wilderness; its huge skies and natural beauty made the area a royal favourite for more than 50 years. The area has much to offer visitors, with a wealth of historic buildings, heritage centres and tours viewing the majestic North Coast and all the wildlife and natural heritage on offer.

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