Pictured: A bird's eye view of Stornoway Harbour
Pictured: A bird's eye view of Stornoway Harbour


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Location: 58° 12’ N 006° 23’ W
No. of Berths: 3
Berth details:Berth West No.1 Pier, Max L.O.A. 140m. Depth: 7.5m – 5.0m
Berth East No.1 Pier, Max L.O.A. 100m. Depth: 7.5m – 4.5m
Berth East No.3 Pier, Max L.O.A. 150m. Depth: 6.5m – 6.0m
Anchorage: Yes
Anchorage Position: 58° 11.9’ N 006° 21.91’ W (position dependent on conditions)
Distance to Landing Stage: 0.8 NM
Tidal range/movement: 2.0m – 5.0m
Pilotage: Compulsory for passenger ships in excecss of 5,000GT
Town centre: 0.5km
Shuttle to town: Not necessary
Nearest airport: Stornoway, 4km



Norma Macritchie Robb, Marketing Assistant
Stornoway Port Authority, Amity House, Esplanade Quay, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland, HS1 2XS

T: +44 (0)1851 702688 F: +44 (0)1851 705714
W: stornowayportauthority.com

The beautiful natural Harbour at Stornoway in the Outer Hebrides has been recognised as a haven for nearly a thousand years. With the stunning grounds of the Lews Castle as a backdrop, the magnificent scenery of the Outer Hebrides is evident on first arrival into Stornoway, the only town on the archipelago.

The town is the commerce centre of the islands and the main seaport of the Isle of Lewis, providing a vital link between mainland Britain and the Outer Hebrides.

Stornoway offers visitors a unique insight into the Outer Hebrides through a hybrid of contemporary culture and the fascinating traditional heritage of the isles – passed down through generations of Gaels, Celts and Vikings.  The Outer Hebrides are one of the few remaining strongholds of the Gaelic language, as evident through the traditional music of the isles and the frequent use of the language by locals.  The language even features on street signs around the Hebridean islands.

Named as one of the top 100 travel experiences in the world by Wanderlust travel magazine, the Outer Hebrides provide a vast array of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities – from exploring the abandoned island of St Kilda to roaming the white sands and surfing in the sparkling turquoise seas that surround the islands.

The Port of Stornoway is the gateway to an island steeped in history. The Standing Stones of Callanish and the Broch at Carloway are recognised among Europe’s most famous ancient monuments. Traditionally constructed Black Houses and Norse Mills are situated within easy reach of the Port.

The primary cruise liner facility is at Number 3 Pier, capable of taking vessels up to 150 metres length with maximum draft 6.0 metres. Reception facilities are readily available in the main Ferry Terminal adjacent to this berth. Smaller vessels may be accommodated at the Number 1 Pier although there are limited facilities at this berth. A cruise liner tender landing pontoon is available by the Ferry Terminal at number 3 pier.

Stornoway Airport is located 4km from the Port, linking the island by Air with Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness and Edinburgh.

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