As Europe’s number one wildlife watching destination, Scotland has plenty to offer. In our coastal waters, you can encounter bottlenose dolphin, common dolphin, minke whales, and killer whales. Above, look out for golden eagles, white tailed sea eagles, osprey, great skua, buzzards and the fastest bird of all, the peregrine falcon, which can achieve speeds of up to 200 mph as it dives on unsuspecting prey.

On our hillsides you can regularly see majestic red deer stags, the ‘Monarchs of the Glen’, with their antlers silhouetted against the skyline.

Spectacular seabird colonies are found around the coastline, and the Northern Isles are home to the world-famous Shetland pony.

Every year, towards the end of summer, the Atlantic salmon make their way up Scotland’s rivers to lay their eggs in the shallow waters. The sight of these creatures battling against the flow and leaping up waterfalls is truly awe inspiring.

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Image credit: Paul Tomkins